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Publisher’s Weekly


A lawyer recalls her battle to prevent the Reagan administration from running indebted farmers off their land in this feisty debut. Vogel, a former North Dakota agriculture commissioner, was lead counsel in Coleman v. Block, an early 1980s class-action lawsuit against the Farmers Home Administration, a federal agency that made loans to farmers. Prodded by the Reagan administration’s ideological opposition to handouts to farmers, the agency cracked down on borrowers who fell behind on loan payments, and pressured them to sell their farms to repay loans (and foreclosed if they refused); cut off credit for basics like livestock feed; seized farmers’ income and froze their bank accounts; and violated laws in denying loan-payment deferrals. Read the full review of The Farmer’s Lawyer here.

June 2, 2021 | KFYR

Sarah and The Farmer’s Lawyer were featured on KFYR News! See the full feature:

Dec. 2, 2019 | Union Farmer

Sarah is the cover story in this issue of North Dakota Farmers Union magazine! Click to read: Former ag commish Vogel speaks about 1980’s farm crisis at law symposium.