Family Farm-Oriented Organizations to Join and Support

In the 1980s, while working on Coleman v. Block, I relied on many farmer-oriented nonprofit and membership organizations. Some of these organizations are still helping family farmers today.

A great starting point is the National Farmers Union, and its state affiliates. For almost 100 years, the national and state Farmers Unions have been grassroots activists for economic prosperity and social justice for farm families and their communities. The National Farmers Union has a wonderful newsletter and website and scads of information on new developments and progress toward the NFU’s long-standing goals. Its website ( has a membership map so you can join a state organization, or join NFU directly. By paying annual dues (even if you aren’t a farmer), you will be able to help give a voice to family farmers at the national, state and local levels.

One feature I always check out on the NFU website is a chart on the Farmer’s Share of the food dollar spent by American consumers.  A typical loaf of bread costs a US consumer $3.99 but the farmer gets only $0.14! A typical box of cereal costs $4.99, but the farmer only gets $0.07! Overall, farmers get only 14.8% of the food dollar of the American consumer. Something is very wrong in the marketplace for farmers to receive so little. The system is rigged, and NFU is working at the national level to un-rig that system.