The Law of Hard Times

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Sarah and Willie Nelson smiling outside tour bus

In Praise of Willie Nelson

In 1982, I met Mark Ritchie and he introduced me to Jim Massey, a legal services lawyer from Minnesota. At the time, I was representing family farmers in their appeals against the Farmers Home Administration, and I was getting frustrated by…
Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby

On Jay Gatsby, the Most Famous North Dakotan

Read Sarah's new Lit Hub essay: "On Jay Gatsby, the Most Famous North Dakotan" Sarah Vogel Traces the Humble Midwest Origins of an Iconic Character
photo of farmer Dwight Coleman smiling next to cattle

Meet Dwight Coleman, One of the North Dakota Nine

In the spring and summer of 1982, the national media began to hear of the farm crisis. Reporters and producers on the coasts went on a hunt for stories that illustrated the farmers’ plight. I was getting calls almost daily from the Washington…
Lou Anne Kling

Farm Advocate: Lou Anne Kling

To understand the Farm Crisis of the '80s, it helps to learn about those who helped. From How Farm Advocates Made a Difference in the 1980s post: "I first met Lou Anne in a crowded Mandan, North Dakota motel conference room, in the spring…

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AG Week Feature
About 100 people—farmers, members of their families, and supporters—gather to listen to speakers from the Iowa Farm Unity Coalition at a rally at the state capitol