New cover of Willie Nelson’s “Heartland” to celebrate the paperback release of The Farmer’s Lawyer

In 1993, Willie Nelson released his 40th studio album, Across the Borderline. Sarah used to listen to this album on long drives through the countryside, when visiting farms and small towns. Her favorite song was “Heartland,” a duet between Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. She still has the lyrics memorized:

“There’s a home place under fire tonight in the heartland / And the bankers are taking my home and my land from me.”

In honor of the paperback release of The Farmer’s Lawyer, with new foreword by Willie Nelson, Tom Brosseau and John C. Reilly recorded the duet for Sarah. We’re excited to share the song with you right here!

Listen to the “Heartland” cover now:

Song credits:

Tom Brosseau – Lead vocal, acoustic guitar

John C. Reilly – Lead vocal, harmony vocal, acoustic guitar

Davíd Garza – Lead vocal, harmony vocal, nylon string guitar, accordion, electric guitar

Adrian Bourgeois – harmony vocal, harmonica, engineering, mixing, mastering