Missi Baranko on Healthy Families ~ Historian Tom Isern ~ Plantology CBD (Prairie Public)

From Prairie Public:

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – Efforts continue in North Dakota to fill the gap left by the closing of Lutheran Social Services. One such effort comes from USpireND, which is maintaining the Healthy Families program. Healthy Families looks to strengthen families so children can avoid entering the foster-care system. Joining us is Missi Baranko, executive director. ~~~ Tom Isern has a Plains Folk essay, “The Farmer’s Lawyer.” ~~~ Plantology is a North Dakota company that makes CBD products that are organically and locally produced. Ashley recent talked with Plantology’s Troy Goltz at a Pride of Dakota event. Bismarck’s Pride of Dakota is this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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